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What Does a Dental Practice HR Department Do?

Human resource departments provide essential services to businesses of all sizes. Smaller dentist practices may see an HR department as a luxury they can’t afford, but not having dedicated HR services may prove even more expensive to the practice. You see, the value of people should not be underestimated. Dedicated staff members are, perhaps, a practice’s most valuable assets and resources. An HR department in your dental practice can help you preserve and protect the people that make your practice run successfully.

What Does a Dental Practice HR Department Do?

What exactly does an HR department do in a dental practice? In the most basic sense, the department is task with the management of the people working there. Dental practices require the management of highly trained professionals. The demand for dental professionals has only increased in recent years and job pressure in these roles can be a lot as can be the pressure to retain dedicated, properly trained dental professionals.

A dental practice HR department will be tasked with the recruiting, training, and retention of dental practice employees, among other things. This means that the human resource department must make sure that all new and current employees are properly trained. The department must recruit employees as needed as well as manage the practice’s staffing needs. A dental practice HR department will also be tasked with the complexities associated with ensuring staff members are properly compensated and administering benefits. Furthermore, HR staff members will oversee the management of employees and work on organization development strategies.

Beyond what has already been mentioned, HR departments are in charge of creating, managing, and promoting company culture as well as maintaining morale within the practice. This can be critical to retaining dedicated staff members. HR departments are also tasked with monitoring employee performance as well as creating and maintaining a safe work environment for all. With the personnel shortage in the dental industry reaching all time heights, these are all things that practices at every size should be concerned about. Retaining employees has never been more important to dental practices across the U.S. than it is right now.

In addition to helping with retaining employees, HR departments are tasked with maintaining relations between the employer and employees. This means processing and addressing any complaints they might receive from an employee concerning management or office policies, among other things. HR acts as an intermediary between employees and employers. As such, the department has the important task of swiftly and effectively addressing issues and, in turn, resolving issues before they evolve into more serious headaches for the practice as a whole.

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