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Starting and growing a Pennsylvania dental practice can be exciting but daunting. In addition to providing excellent dental care for patients, dental practice owners must manage various legal and business matters affecting their practices. An attorney can help dental practice owners navigate the start-up process, lease negotiations, partnership disputes, real estate matters, employment agreements, and more.

Mahan Dental Law offers Pennsylvania dental practice owners and managers comprehensive, experienced legal counseling. Many of our attorneys are dentists with extensive, in-depth knowledge of owning a successful dental practice. Our attorney can help ensure your dental practice complies with all local, Pennsylvania, and federal regulations. We can also help you with commercial real estate transactions and buying and selling dental practices

Types of Dental Law Services We Offer 

Starting a dental practice requires you to comply with hundreds of legal requirements. Managing all legal issues related to forming a dental practice can be difficult, if not impossible, while focusing on hiring employees and starting a profitable dental practice. An attorney can assist you with every aspect of forming a dental practice so you can focus on managing your business. 

We regularly assist dentists in Pennsylvania with buying or selling a dental practice, hiring employees, purchasing or leasing commercial real estate, and every other legal matter. Mahan Dental Law provides clients with legal advice tailored to their unique needs and goals. Our skilled attorneys represent clients in a wide range of legal matters, including, but not limited to, the following:

The Benefits of Hiring a Dental Attorney in Pennsylvania

Hiring a dental attorney can help you address ongoing or future legal issues you’re facing as a dental practice owner. While general business attorneys may be able to provide you with counsel with conventional business needs, they may not fully understand all of the issues facing dental practice owners. The attorneys at Mahan Dental Law thoroughly know how dental practices operate. We use our experience to provide our clients with effective, cost-effective advice. 

Mahan Dental Law has a proven track record of helping dental practice owners and managers with every legal aspect involved with the day-to-day operation of a dental practice. Our attorneys understand the unique complexities of orthodontia, periodontal, oral surgery, pediatric dentistry, and general dentistry. Our legal team has experience in diverse dental specialties, allowing us to effectively answer clients’ questions to meet their specific needs better.

How to Form a Dental Practice in Pennsylvania

Forming a dental practice can seem like an overwhelming task. Whether you’re a specialist who’d like to form a group practice or a general dentist wanting to become a sole proprietor, working with an attorney is beneficial. Forming a new business requires extensive decision-making and strategic planning. Mahan Dental Law will work with you to ensure you make informed decisions while protecting yourself and your dental practice. 

After carefully listening to your business goals and answering any questions, we can help you choose the most strategic type of business formation. After you’ve decided on the type of business structure, we can help you locate a commercial property to lease or purchase and begin the negotiation process. Our attorneys have extensive experience drafting office lease and purchase agreements. 

Purchasing or Selling a Pennsylvania Dental Practice

Purchasing a dental practice can be a life-changing opportunity, but it should be done with the guidance of an experienced attorney. Working with the attorneys at Mahan Dental Law can help you avoid common pitfalls in selling or acquiring an existing dental practice. Making strategic decisions before you begin the transition process can help you protect your dental practice and rights. For example, an attorney can help you negotiate how the transition will affect current employees. If you are acquiring a dental practice from your employer who is leaving the practice, we can help you negotiate a fair, beneficial purchase agreement. 

Our attorneys also help purchasers obtain financing for the transaction. When you decide on a commercial property to lease or purchase, we can ensure that using the property as a dental practice complies with Pennsylvania land use and zoning regulations. After you decide on a property, we will work strategically to negotiate and draft a comprehensive, legally valid purchase agreement. 

Providing Dental Practices with Regularly Compliance Services

As the owner of a dental practice, you will be focused on the practice’s day-to-day operations, including providing excellent patient care. Finding the time to learn about and develop practices to comply with state and federal regulations can be challenging for busy dental practice owners. 

The dental attorneys at Mahan Dental Law have a wide breadth of knowledge about the many different types of regulations dental practices must follow. We will work with you to identify any red flags while developing strategies to help you come into compliance with HIPAA, maintain a professional corporation, prevent patient data breaches, and other regulations.

Providing Legal Counsel for Human Resources Matters

When forming or acquiring a dental practice, you must manage employees. Mahan Dental Law can help you develop an employee handbook, including practices that comply with Pennsylvania and federal laws. 

Violating one of the many human resources laws governing employers in Pennsylvania can easily happen without the guidance of a knowledgeable dental practice attorney. Our attorneys can assist you with drafting and enforcing employment agreements, advising dentists about protecting patient information, and helping employers navigate disputes with employees.

Contact a Dental Practice Attorney in Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania attorneys at Mahan Dental Law provide effective legal counsel to professionals in the dental industry. Whether you are a dental practice owner, manager, or prospective dental practice owner, our attorneys are here to help you navigate all the legal challenges you’re facing. Contact Mahan Dental Law to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consultation.